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Love summer – but not sure if my fiddle does. Did you know you can buy a humidifier for your violin…I am definitely going to purchase one, especially with this dry heat in beautiful Perth, Western Australia.

I’ve spent most of this morning writing out harmonies for our Stramashers newest fiddle set and my plan is to do a bit more…once time permits!

Before writing or playing a harmony it’s always good to know the melody really well that way you will know how the tune goes and a better sense of where and how your harmony line sits into said melody. With harmony writing, less can indeed be more. Too many harmony notes on a page can be overwhelming and dominating. Learning harmonies is a great (incidental) way to get a feel for improvising. You begin to get a better idea of the notes one can play within chord structures and even start predicting what may come next.

I’ve been discovering a little more of the wonderful world of chords and for the first time have tried to put chords into this newest set…so I await comment from the guitarists as I daresay I have placed some outlandish progressions in there…..oops sorry!

It's all good for the Brain!

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