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The art of mastering that new tune!

I have to learn a new tune….I don’t have the music yet, but I do have a recording that I have listened to repeatedly, so I already know I am 90% there.

It’s just like learning a times table – I hear and sing the tune, or I listen to a point where I can’t get the song out of my head! We all know what that is like – you go to bed – and there it is going round and round…. Mission Accomplished!

I will lose myself in the sound, and then I give it a good go once I’m confident how the tune goes.

Once the music is sent through, I’ll double-check the notation – and Bob’s your Uncle….(who is this Bob?) Does anyone know?

If there were no actual recording and just sheet music, I would first play the music slowly and look and listen for patterns. I even tell myself silly little stories that may help with particular bars.

In short, my advice is to soak up the tune's sound if you have access to it, and if NOT, play the music slowly and sing back to yourself. Approach with curiosity, not frustration – it's much kinder to yourself!

Till next time, cheerio !!.

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