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Fiona Davidson




Fiona was born in Aberdeen and comes from a family of musicians.  She started learning the bagpipes at the age of 9  (father was Pipe Major) but then moved onto violin at the age of 10.  Fiona's playing is heavily influenced by the bagpipe sound and north-east Scottish fiddle playing from where she grew up in Fochabers, Morayshire.  In her youth, Fiona won various Scottish traditional fiddle competitions.  In Scotland she has appeared in television, radio and over the years, has made multiple recordings with multiple bands of differing genres.

Since moving to Western Australia, Fiona has played in the  psychedelic folk band Lammas Tide and local folk band Southern Celt. She often records and arranges music for local instruments and currently performs with Trio Failte,  Stringbirds and  Spirit of Alba.  Fiona also  helps run a community based  Scottish music Session called Scottish Stramash and we are delighted to have her onboard as our teacher of Traditional Scottish music.

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Come join one of Fiona's Traditional. Music Workshops

Linda Gauld

Linda, co-founder of Scottish Stramash was born in Elgin and also comes from a family of musicians.  Her father, who commenced his working life as a farm labourer was well known for his Bothy Ballads; songs sung originally in the bothy (small outbuildings used by the farm hands and was often an area used by them to sing their "bothy ballads"). This tradition of singing these ballads is still very much part of the North East of Scotland culture.  Her brother, Ivan (an accordionist) continues to run traditional music sessions in the North East.  Linda, originally a member of the Elgin Strathspey & Reel Society  performed in many concerts with her fellow players. Having lived in Italy and Egypt for a number of years, Linda put the 'fiddle' to rest. Fast forward 32 years  and now in Perth, Western Australia,  she reconnected again with Fiona, her childhood friend from Elgin Strathspey & Reel Society.    Scottish Stramash was born!

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